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Jessica is a proud Washington native, born and raised west of the Cascades.  She moved to Bellingham in 2012 to attend Western Washington University, earning her BA in Business Administration with a concentration in finance, and fell in love with Whatcom County along the way.  She has a ton of enthusiasm for the area, inspired by the diversity of the local geography and it’s happy, yet subdued inhabitants.  She loves working with people and building relationships, having a strong background in human services and leadership.  She dreams of building her own home and family here, and is brimming with excitement for the opportunity to serve her community.


She has a curious drive, empathy for others, and a passion for learning and sharing, believing knowledge is power.  She loves sorting through details and looking at the bigger picture, seeing systems as a whole. This is what she brings to her clients—empowerment through understanding, tailored service for individual needs.  She understands that buying or selling your home can be a daunting task alone and she seeks to be a trusted guide through the process and someone to call friend.

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