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I am a native of the Pacific Northwest, raised in Seattle and the San Juan Islands, and went to college at Western, graduating Magna Cum Laude. I returned here from Seattle in 2014 so that I could create a home for my daughter and have been raving about how much I love Bellingham ever since. I am passionate about this area and the wonderfully friendly people that live here. You’ll often find me walking my dog on our extensive trail system, or doing activities with my young daughter. More than anything I love meeting new people here and hearing their stories. 


I entered real estate brokering because I love working directly with people. I have the professional background and working history to help people navigate through the many challenges of buying or selling and come away feeling fulfilled and happy with their experience as well as having some fun along the way!


While looking to change careers after some time off to travel, I fell into a job with a small property developer and realized how much I loved every piece of what we did. I found the reward of bringing historic buildings back to life to be irresistible. It was transformative to be a part of creating positive development and beautiful buildings in my community. In that job I learned so much about the real estate industry, as I was involved in all aspects of property development, sales, marketing, and property management. Lastly, I worked for a large internet company doing corporate lease management for all their retail and office locations. 


I would love to meet you and hear your story! Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have; I’m always here for a chat.


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